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Dear Friends,
At our farm in the West Virginia mountains, life's simple pleasures still abound. We invite you to share in the enjoyment of nature's own taste treat made in our maplehouse.

Listed and pictured below are all of the products available from Richter's Maplehouse. Take a look at them. Maple syrup in jugs, maple syrup in fancy bottles, maple syrup and pancake mix stack-packs, even maple candy.

And, if you would like to order anything from this array, just go to our Order Page, print up two copies of the order form, fill it out, and send one copy to us, along with your check or credit card information. (The other copy is for you to keep for your records.)

Or call us and place your order by phone. Either way, we will be pleased to hear from you and glad to take care of your gift and personal needs.

It takes 50 gallons of sap from our maple trees to produce
one gallon of Pure Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup;
absolutely nothing added.
Makes a welcome holiday or thank-you gift.

Plastic Jugs
Grade A Medium Amber
Qty Item Price Shipping
1 Gallon Jug $ 58.00 13 lbs.
1 1/2 Gal Jug $ 32.00   7 lbs.
1 Quart Jug $ 18.00   4 lbs.
1 Pint Jug $ 10.00   1.5 lbs.
1 1/2 Pint Jug   $ 6.00   1 lb.
1 3.4oz Jug   $ 3.75     1/4 lb.


Save on Case lots
Get together with family & friends and save!
Corporate gifts and wholesale inquiries welcome.

Plastic Jugs
Grade A Medium Amber
Qty Item Price Shipping
4 Gallon Jugs $ 224.00 50 lbs.
3 1/2 Gal Jugs $ 90.00 40 lbs.
5 Quart Jugs $ 86.00 40 lbs.
10 Quart Jugs $ 170.00 20 lbs.
12 Pint Jugs $ 110.00 20 lbs.
12 1/2 Pint Jugs   $ 67.00   10 lbs.
12 3.4oz Jugs   $ 40.00 4 lbs.




Richter's Maplehouse
3115 Hicks Ridge Road
Pickens, WV 26230
Phone: (304) 924-5404
           (941) 474-4200
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