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Visit one of West Virginia's largest and most modern Maple Sugar Camps. Here, Mike and Beth Richter boil thousands of gallons of maple sap every season into precious maple syrup, maple sugar, maple candy, and that very rare delicacy, maple cream.

Built near the site of Mortimer Hicks' 1880's sugar camp, Richter's Maplehouse contains some of the antique mapling equipment from the early neighboring camps.

Besides the 150 gallon wood-burning sap evaporator, the bottling room, bucket-hung trees, and miles of tubing lines, the Richter camp sports a breathtaking view of three counties from just beside their Bavarian Chalet home.

The drive to Richter's Maplehouse from nearby Holly River State Park or Kumbrabow State Forest is quite scenic. A fine trail for mountain biking or cross-country skiing passes the Maplehouse and then gradually drops into the quiet Swiss village of Helvetia.


Richter's Maplehouse
3115 Hicks Ridge Road
Pickens, WV 26230
Phone: (304) 924-5404
           (941) 474-4200
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